Our Missionaries

A Bonds of Marian Love missionary is anyone who after a spiritual retreat or an experience of faith or a personal encounter with Jesus and Mary, wants to know and live the Divine Will of God in the community, and that other individuals, have an encounter with Jesus and his Church, trying to please God in all his acts, thoughts, feelings and prayers. A BML missionary is a person who first wants to be holy (cf. 1 Thess 4:3).

Mission: The mission is to love as Christ taught us, loving God above all things, loving oneself as God loves us and our siblings (1 Jn 4:7-12; 1 Cor 13).

To let oneself be loved by Jesus, accepting from Him salvation, his Word, his Catholic Church, continually feeding on the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Accept lovingly the Blessed Virgin Mary, and give oneself completely to Jesus through Mary. TOTUS TUUS, I am all yours, O Mary and all I have is yours.

Commitment: Their greatest commitment is with God, who sees the hidden, the most intimate of each heart and looks at all acts; the demonstration of love for God will be with your life.

Virtues: Who joins Bonds Community, renounces vices and strives to cultivate the virtues; charity, humility, obedience, purity, etc. submitting themselves voluntarily to the principles of the community.

Types of Missionaries:

Missionary Children: Yellow T-shirt (Represents Joy)

Participant Missionary: Light Blue T-shirt (Represents Faith)

Committed Missionary: Dark Blue T-shirt (Represents Hope)

Consecrated Missionary: Red T-shirt (Represents Charity)

There are individuals that are not missionaries of the community, but accompany the community in some activities. These are Friends of the Community and can eventually become missionaries, but by special circumstances they are not. These individuals are very helpful to the community and are held in high esteem.

Requirements for Becoming a BML Missionary:

+ One month of active participation in the community.

+ Have attended a spiritual retreat from Bonds or have a conversion experience in the Bonds community.

+ Consecrated or at least 3 months of being in Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary.

He / she will fill out the application form, stating the desire and the reasons for becoming part of the community. Acceptance will be reviewed and answered within a minimum of one month.

Please Note: Even if the above conditions are met, the approval of the missionary will be subject to the discretion of the local director, who, guided by the Holy Spirit and in consultation with the Council of directors, will make the decision; the same will happen when transition from one type of missionary to another: Children> Participant> Committed> Consecrated.

To download the application, you must have completed at least 3 months of Preparation for Total Consecration, certified by your teacher. Thank you.

Download the application below, print it and submit it to the director of the closest locality to you.

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