Marian Examination

Prayer of Thanksgiving

My Lord and my God! I firmly believe that you are here; I adore and love you above all things. Thank you for the benefits of creation, redemption, conservation, reception of the Holy Sacraments, for the special graces of this day and singularly for having given me a Mother as good and loving as the Blessed Virgin. Amen.

Request for Illumination

Give me now light to know the faults of this day and grace to detest them with all my heart. Help me, Virgin Mary, to know well the ingratitude and infidelities that I have committed today.

Marian Examination

  1. When I woke up this morning, was my first thought about Mary?
  2. Did I get up quickly in order to give Our Lady the gift of this sacrifice (heroic minute)?
  3. Have I attended Mass and received Communion in union with Mary?
  4. While carrying out my daily duties, how many times did I think about how Mary would do them, in order to imitate Her?
  5. Have I often denied myself my own will and my own desires in order to please Mary?
  6. Have I dared to deny my Mother something that She asked of me, even if it was not easy?
  7. Have I carried out a mortification or act of penance today, with fervor, in order to give it to Our Lady as a gift?
  8. Have I renewed the presence of God and of Mary?
  9. Have I carried out my daily visit to the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary?
  10. Have I devotedly prayed the Holy Rosary?
  11. Did I do the meditation (of the Rosary) well, in the company of Our Lady?
  12. Have I done my spiritual reading well, and dedicated it to Mary before I started?
  13. Have I thoroughly carried out my particular examination of conscience?
  14. Have I been faithful to the way I distributed my time, thinking that I was pleasing my Mother by doing so?
  15. Have I exercised blind obedience to my superiors, especially my confessor, listening to their voice as if it were Our Lady’s?
  16. What have I done today to grow in my Marian life and to improve the way in which I live this holy slavery?
  17. Have I remembered the souls of the unfaithful and done something for them, thinking that they too are my Mother’s children?
  18. How have I fulfilled the resolutions of the holy exercises today?
  19. Have I fulfilled the obligations of my daily life well, in imitation of Our Lady?
  20. Have I sinned against the virtue of purity, which is so loved by my Mother, through my thoughts, words or deeds?
  21. Have my conversations been modest and full of charity, as Mary’s were?
  22. When I go to bed, do I kiss the crucifix and sleep in Mary’s arms?


I have finished the Marian examination of conscience…. I humble myself profoundly in front of the glorious Queen, in face of so many faults that I am guilty of. “Forgive me, oh Blessed Mother, of having been so unfaithful… I do not want to lose motivation; I want to work with energy and perseverance to be a more docile son/daughter, a more faithful slave. I promise you my love.” Amen.

Prayer of Contrition

Lord, I am sorry for the weight of these sins and faults for both Heaven and for the degrees of glory that I have lost, not just for hell or purgatory and any punishments that I have deserved with them, but above all for how Good you are, for how much you love me, and for how much I want to love you and also for all that has displeased my dear Immaculate Mother.


So, my God, I intend never to do them again. Give me, Lord, your grace and You, my Mother, your help and blessing so that tomorrow I behave better and manage to reduce my faults.

Hail Mary


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