Examination of Conscience & Gloria Polo Testimony

Initial questions:

  • How long ago was your last confession?
  • Did you hide any sin?
  • Did you repent your sins?
  • Did I completely comply with the penance? 

I. Love God Above All Things

  1. Have I denied the existence of God? (Example: Atheist, Agnostic. Catechism, 2125)
  2. Have I denied the love of God? (Have I seen Him as a judging, bad and punishing God?)
  3. Have I tempted God? (Example: If God exists, make this happen now!)
  4. Do I give testimony of my faith? (Have I been ashamed of expressing my faith?)
  5. Have I doubted God?
  6. Have I doubted the truth of the Holy Bible? (A doubt that comes by surprise and temptation is not the same as one accepted deliberately.)
  7. Have I doubted the dogmas of faith? (Dogmas are truths that must be believed. Example: all that is contained in the Creed)
  8. Have I been desperate, doubting God’s mercy? (There is no bigger sin than to doubt of the mercy God. Example: God will not forgive me)
  9. Have I presumed that I can save myself without conversion?
  10. Have I sinned with the intention to confess later?
  11. Have I been indifferent to love of God?
  12. Have I been a lukewarm Catholic? (Rev 3:16)
  13. Have I hated God?
  14. Have I dedicated enough time to prayer?
  15. Do I complain  or get upset when confronting things that require sacrifices?
  16. Have I unfulfilled any promise made to God or to His Church?
  17. Have I been superstitious? have I believed or practice: Witchcraft, spells, magic (including the “white magic”), fortune-telling, palmistry, “medium”, omens, horoscopes, cards reading, chocolate cup readings; as well as spiritual baths, aromatherapy, talisman, aloe leaf superstition, dream-catchers and other filters, curses, sorcery, Kabbalah, tarot, astrology chart, alchemy, Ouija board, Santeria (religious cult), amulets and lucky charms, Voodoo, Guru, shamanism, numerology, spiritism, necromancy, quartz, stones, mantra, medallion?
  18. Have I put faith in, and/or have practiced, and/or have been led by non-Christian groups, sects, or movements, or that merge the truth of Jesus Christ with other ideologies? For example: the power of the mind, reincarnation, false metaphysics, Silva method, occultism, spiritism, astrology, transcendental meditation, yoga, Gnosticism, I-Ching, “astrology trips”,  holistic medicine, parapsychology, sophrology, pseudo scientific practices (not recognized by the scientific medicine) reflexology, homeopathy, and acupuncture (when are accompanied by esoteric practices) hypnosis, regressions, reading of aura, aromatherapy, flower of Bach, therapy of colors, esotericism, theosophy, Rosicrucian, Buddhism, Krishna, “channeling of spirits”, and everything related to the “New Age.” As well as the sects of Mormonism or Jehovah’s Witness, who don’t believe Jesus as the Son of God.
  19. Have I been satanic? Have I participated in satanic cults?
  20. Have I put something or someone above God? (Example: Money, people, artists, etc.)
  21. Have I committed sacrilege? (treated unworthily the sacraments, people or places consecrated to God)
  22. Have I received any sacrament in mortal sin? (communion, marriage, confirmation, to receive the priesthood in mortal sin)
  23. Have I confessed without any repentance or without any intention of correction? (The one who approaches to confess and wants to commit the sin again, isn’t sorry nor has the intentions to correct themselves.            
  24. Have I read or own books, magazines, articles against the religion and Church? (It is a sin, for exception for when intending to study in defense of our faith.)
  25. Have I been lazy to educate and instruct myself on our faith?
  26. Have I been a Freemason  or communist? (Masonry and communism are incompatible with Catholicism. The Church has been clear when declaring that you cannot be a Catholic and belong to any of this)


  1. Have I commit blasphemy?  (To say insulting words against God or the Sacred)
  2. Have I Inconveniently used the name of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, or a saint? (Jokes, bad taste comments, nicknames, vulgar diminutives, etc.)
  3. Have I radicalized the mysteries of God? (Jokes about the Crucifixion, the Incarnation, miracles)
  4. Have I used the name of God and Saint in profane things? (Clubs, movies, bars, etc.)
  5. Have I been unfaithful to those promises made ​​to others in the name of God? (to be unfaithful to them is as turning God into a liar. (Catechism 2147)
  6. Have I sworn falsely? (An oath can only be performed with truth, justice and if needed)
  7. Have a made promises without any intention of fulfilling them?
  8. Have I sworn to do any harm?


  1. Have I deliberately missed the Eucharistic celebration (the Mass) on any Sunday or holy day of obligation?
  2. Have I arrived late and or did not attend the whole Mass without justifiable motive? (Catechism, 2042)
  3. Have I willingly distracted  myself during Mass? (Being bodily present, but with the mind and heart elsewhere)
  4. Have I worked or have made someone work without any urgent need in a precept day?
  5. Have I observed the abstinence of Fridays during lent? (Abstinence from eating meat or some other food according to the prescripts of the conference of bishops is to be observed on every Friday of Lent. Abstinence binds those who have completed their fourteenth year of age until death. Unless it coincide with a solemnity. Code of Canon Law 1251)
  6. Have I fasted on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday? (The law of fasting, however, binds all those who have attained their majority until the beginning of their sixtieth year. –Code of Canon Law 1251- These Catholics must reduce the usual amount of food. The Church defines this as a meal and two snacks, that added together would not be bigger than a main meal)
  7. Have I kept the Eucharistic abstinence? (A person who is to receive the Most Holy Eucharist is to abstain for at least one hour before holy communion from any food and drink, except for only water and medicine, Code of Canon Law 919)
  8. Have I taken long to confess myself after committing any mortal sin?  (The Church asks to confess our mortal sins at least once a year, in danger of death, or if having Communion. Catechism 2042)
  9. Have I failed to receive the Holy Communion at least in Easter Sunday?
  10. Have I failed to help the Church with its needs?
  11. Have I misused my time during precept day? (in indecent activities or activities that do not involve family gathering and the growing of faith?



  1. Have I disrespected my parents?
  2. Have I had sincere attitude of gratitude with them?
  3. Have I disobeyed my parents and my superiors?
  4. Have I had a spirit of rebellion against them? (Do I have an inordinate desire for independence that leads me to receive indications from my parents wrongly, simply because they order me)
  5. Have I threatened or mistreated them? (with words or actions)
  6. Have I desired any evil to them?
  7. Have I been ashamed of them? ( for example: because of their age, social status, physical appearance, etc.)
  8. Have stopped helping them in their needs? (spiritual or material)  
  9. Have I judged  their defects?
  10. Have I had any hate or resentment against my parents?
  11. Have I been irresponsible in my studies? (failing to value the effort that parents do for our education)
  12. Have I prayed and offered Masses for eternal rest  of my disease parents?  
  13. Have I been disrespectful to the authority to which I am subject? (teachers, bosses, superiors, state, civil servants)
  14. Have I fought with my siblings and friends?
  15. Have I been resentful or hate my siblings? (Example: stop talking to them or not finding the necessary means for reconciliation. )
  16. Have I given a bad example to my siblings and/or friends?
  17. Have I stop helping my siblings and family in their needs? (spiritual and material needs)
  18. Have abandoned my parents, without  a justified reason?
  19. Have I let myself be carried away by bad temper?


  1. The fecundity of the conjugal love is not only reduced to the procreation , therefore: Have I put effort in the moral and spiritual education of my children?
  2. Have I given bad examples to my children? (not complying with my religious, family, or professional duties)
  3. Have I failed to correct my children for their own good? (instead of just looking to satisfy my anger or a moment of bad temper)
  4. Have I failed to evangelize my children properly?
  5. Have I not prevented my children about bad companies?
  6. Have I forced my children to receive any sacrament without the needed preparation?
  7. Have I kept my children from following the profession or vocation that God has indicated for them?
  8. Do I allow them to study or work in places where their soul or body is in danger? (Example: Not to choose an educational establishment where they receive Christian education)
  9. Have I tolerated scandals, or moral or physical dangers between the people that live in my house? (Example: to allow unmarried couples that live together to stay under my roof. To allow my children to sleep with their girlfriend/boyfriend  in my house)
  10. Have I cursed my children?
  11. Have I permitted that my children dress improperly?
  12. Have I allow them to go to improper entertainment? (Reggae concerts or immoral spectacles)
  13. Have I fought with my spouse? (Has there been abuse in words and/or actions)
  14. Have I abandoned partial or completely my spouse, and/or my children? (It is understood that this refers to irresponsible abandonment and without motive)
  15. Have I failed to work sufficiently to maintain my family in a dignified manner?
  16. Have I ordered things contrary to the dignity of people? (Children, employees or any person under my responsibility)


  1. Have I killed?
  2. Have I try to kill anybody?
  3. Have I rejected assisting someone in a state of serious danger?
  4. Have I hurt someone?
  5. Have I driven in state of drunkenness or irresponsibly any vehicle? (putting in danger my life as well as the passengers’ lives)
  6. Have I indirectly participate in the murder of someone?
  7. Have I not prevent someone’s death even if could of?
  8. Have I participated directly or indirectly in any abortion? (A person who procures a completed abortion incurs excommunication A person who procures a completed abortion incurs excommunication latae sententiae; Catechism 2272. In this way the Church manifests the gravity of this crime)
  9. Have I practiced euthanasia? (to end the lives of people who are handicapped, sickly or dying, by action or omission)
  10. Have I try to commit suicide?
  11. Have I cooperated with somebody else’s suicide?
  12. Have I participated in abductions, acts of terrorism or tortures?
  13. Have I participated in amputations, mutilations or sterilizations performed on people without proper informed consent?
  14. Have I induced anyone to sin? (This is scandal. Mt18,6)
  15. Have I given cult to my body? (Example: anorexia, bulimia, esthetical surgery for vanity, excessive exercise)
  16. Have I abused food?
  17. Have I abused the consumption alcohol, cigarettes, or medicine?
  18. Have I used  drugs or hallucinogenic substances? Have I trafficked with them?
  19. Have I used subliminal messages to dominate a person’s will?
  20. Have I listen to music, knowing that contains subliminal messages or contrary to faith and moral? (putting my mental and spiritual health in danger as they incite to violence, rebellious etc., for example reggae ton, punk, metal, etc.?
  21. Have I stopped helping the dying to have a saintly death? ( keeping them company in prayer and making sure they receive the sacraments on time)
  22. Do I feel a hatred or resentment for someone?
  23. Have I desired evil to someone? (Mt 5:44-45)
  24. Have I consented in the desires of vengeance? (Mt 5:22)
  25. Have I avoided to the best of my abilities all conflict?
  26. Have I produce suffering or have I sacrificed any animal without need?


  1. Have I committed masturbation?
  2. Have I seen pornography?
  3. Have I participated in pornography or in impure spectacles? (actors, retailers)
  4. Have I fornicated? (Carnal act between a man and a woman that are not married)
  5. Have I fallen in prostitution?
  6. Have I make a business out of prostitution?
  7. Have I sexually abused anyone? (All violent sexual assault to the intimacy of the person; the sexual act itself, fumble, harassment; even to the spouse)
  8. Have I committed incest? (Incest designates intimate relations between relatives or in-laws within a degree that prohibits marriage between them. Connected to incest is any sexual abuse perpetrated by adults on children or adolescents entrusted to their care.  (1Co 5:4-5; Lv 18:7-20; Catechism 2288, 2289). For example:Like teachers to pupils)
  9. Have I been pederast? (carnal violent access from adults to children
  10. Have I had carnal homosexual relationships?  (Rm 1:24-27; 1Co 6:10; 1Tm 1-10; Gn19:1-29)
  11. If I have homosexual tendencies; have I fought to no consent in them? (The Church does not reject those who have this tendencies, but the homosexual practices, and invites to live in chastity)

Husband and wife

  1. Have I been unfaithful? (Mt 5:32; 19, 6; Mk 10:11; 1Co 6:9-10; Ho 2:7).
  2. Have I broken up with my spouse?
  3. Have I broken the contract of marriage with divorce? (Mk 10:9; Catechism, 2382-2386)
  4. Have I lived in polygamy?
  5. Have I been irresponsible with the duties acquired with this/these woman(women) and the children? (Catechism, 1645)
  6. Have I cohabitated (lived together in a relationship) without the blessing of the Church?
  7. Have I avoided fertility within my matrimony?
  8. Have I used or sold contraceptive methods? (Example. Condoms, spermicides, contraceptive pills, injections, etc.)
  9. Have I used or promoted the use of abortive contraceptives or any that could have this effect? (Example. The copper T, intrauterine devices, the morning after pill, etc.)
  10. Have I used “onanism” or interrupted coitus? (Gn 38:9-10)
  11. Have I used artificial fertilization? (Example. In vitro fertilization, etc.)
  12. Have I sterilized myself? (Tubal ligation, vasectomy)


  1. Have I stolen?
  2. Have I defrauded someone in a business? (Example. Increasing the price of products unfairly)
  3. Have I paid unjust salaries?
  4. Have I been corrupt? (Changing the correct procedures for the “most convenient”)
  5. Have I been mediocre in my work?
  6. Have I stolen time from my work?
  7. Have I failed to pay my taxes? (avoiding taxes that are just and reasonable for the good of the community) (Catechism 2409-2413)
  8. Have I falsified documents?
  9. Have I wasted my goods? (By excessively spending on needless things seeking mismeasured pleasure or prestige, or inverting large amounts of money, that could help relieve human misery, on pets)’
  10. Have I caused damage to public or private property?
  11. Have I failed to fulfil morally correct promises or contracts?
  12. Have I made irresponsible bets?
  13. Have I cheated in games of chance?
  14. Have placed personal gain as the only end to my economical activity? (Forgetting that is a service to the community: “You cannot serve both, God and Money”) (Mt 6:24; Lk 16:13)
  15. Have I failed in practicing the works of mercy?


  1. Have I lied? (Ep 4:25)
  2. Have I given false testimony publicly? (Pr 19:9)
  3. Have I said under oath something against the truth (perjury)?
  4. Have I judged another’s moral defect?
  5. Have I manifested the defects and faults of my neighbour to others (malice)? (Si 21:28)
  6. Have I defamed the good name of another person with lies?
  7. Have I congratulated someone for wrongdoing?
  8. Have I failed by revealing “professional secrets”? (For Example: psychologist, priest, doctor)
  9. Have I revealed secrets made under confidence? (Si 22:22)
  10. Have I listened to the conversations of others against their will?
  11. Have I read correspondence or writings of others, against the will of its owners?


  1. Have I fought against the concupiscence of the flesh? (Ga 5:16-17, 24; Ep 2:3)
  2. Have I consented to impure thoughts?
  3. Have I consented to impure looks? (Ws 15:5)
  4. Have I desire my neighbour’s wife? (It also applies to women desiring men)
  5. Have I failed to be pure in my feelings?  (Taking care for and respecting my heart and that of other people)
  6. Have I used garments that sexually incite other people?
  7. Have I harmed the purity of children or teenagers?


  1. Have I unhealthily desired the belongings of others?
  2. Have I surrender to avarice? (The immoderate passion for material wealth) (Si 14:9)
  3. Have I felt envy? (Sadness becuase of the good of others, and a disordered desire of  attaining the same possessions)
  4. Have I been exaggeratedly attached to earthly possessions and spend my whole time in accumulating richness?

Impacting testimony of Gloria Polo that helps us to understand the Last Things.

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