Our Spirituality

We are conscious that the faithful have a responsibility “to work so that the divine message of salvation reaches more and more men of all time and that of the entire world” and “entrusted by God to the apostolate by virtue of baptism and confirmation,” Bonds of Marian Love, formed and directed mostly by faithful laypeople, wants to welcome the call of Pope John Paul II to a “new evangelization” of humanity starting in the first instance with a full awareness of the call we have “to the fullness of the Christian life and the perfection of charity” lived in the realm of total consecration to Jesus through Mary.

That is why the members of the community strive to live a strong sacramental life, especially in regard to the Sacrament of the Eucharist, seeking to celebrate it daily, and Reconciliation whenever needed. The community proposes to bring a more enlightened love towards Jesus and Mary to every person with whom they come in contact, as well as to the Sacraments and the Catholic Church. The foundations of the movement are based in the study of the Word of God and of the apostolic Tradition in the light of the Catechism, and the doctrines of the Magisterium of the Church.

In response to the Lord’s affirmation: “All that you do to these little ones you do to me” will not only contemplate Jesus through the Sacraments, the Word, prayer, etc., but also through the poor and helpless.

Following the line of the Second Vatican Council, we have great appreciation for the gifts and charismas that the Lord “also grants to the faithful … with the right and obligation to exercise them in the Church, in the freedom of the Holy Spirit,” in union with our Pastors, “who are to judge the genuine nature of these charismas and their proper application.”

Our fundamental pillars are the love for the Eucharist, the true devotion to the Virgin Mary and obedience to the Pope, his teaching and the Bishops in communion with him, in the following way:

Love for the Eucharist: Each member, as much as possible, will not only participate in the Eucharist daily, but will also try to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament every day. Likewise, they will work with all their strength to make Jesus present in the Eucharist better known and loved by all.

• True Devotion to the Virgin Mary: We must not fail to pray the Holy Rosary every day, nor the expressions of tenderness and authentic devotion to our Mother. Within our community we will prepare individuals for the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary according to the method of St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort.

Obedience to the Pope: As baptized we recognize the Pope as the legitimate successor of Peter, Vicar of Christ and our supreme pastor, so we lovingly submit ourselves to what our Pope asks of us. Likewise, we submit ourselves to what the Bishop of our diocese orders.

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